About DeGamma

DeGamma is a suite of production tested video post effects for Cinema 4D all dedicated to the creative process of emulating camera and film effects, from the lens to the dark room.

With enhanced and customizable Linear Color Workflow through to class leading Lens distortion algorithms and creative effects that are at home in photo-realism and film as they are in motion graphics and NPR, it’s no surprise that DeGamma is Cinema 4D’s foremost lens toolkit.

Keep on reading to see what’s included in every license.

What you get –


Creative Linear Color Workflow

Industry leading linear color workflow control.

In depth creative control over filtering, decide for yourself exactly what is affected in scene and what isn’t.

Custom Color Workspaces – sRGB isn’t doing it for you? Create your own.

Bleach Bypass

Classic noir film effects

Dedicated to the recreation of the wonderful Bleach Bypass film effect.

Blur & Grain controls for more creative possibilities.

Multiple uses for contrast control as well as strong stark image graphic visuals.

Fishy Distorter Sibenik Cathedral Stereoscopic 360

Fishy Distorter

Lens Distortion

Premium quality lens distortion effects.

Compatible with both Standard & Physical render engines in CInema 4D.

Realtime OpenGL preview of the Lens Effects directly in the Cinema 4D Viewport.

Multiple lens types for all situations, from standard round “Fish Eye” to stereographic “Little World” style projections.

True stereoscopic handling with simple controls for eye separation and convergence available with all lens types. Even full 360 degree panoramas!

The most production proven, comprehensive and well integrated lens distortion plugin for Cinema 4D.

Lens projections include Equirectangular, Cassini, Steregraphic, Pincushion, Sphereon, Fishy and soon Azimuthal Equidistant.

Tone Map

Reinhard Tone-Mapping

Ultimate control over your output’s tone balance.

Edge enhancement controls.

Interactive preview.

Even out lighting without sacrificing contrast or form.


Psychadelic distortions

Fast screen space chromatic custom lens distortion effects

Shader based vector distortion and smearing of images for fun creative and practical effects.

Round vector distortion for tunnel/chromatic abberation style effects

Creative psychadelic effects from the subtle to the extreme, ideal for motion graphics work


Bloom, Glow, Haze & Gloom

Bloom & Gloom filter for classic early photography effects.

Great for creating subtle haze as well as contrast enhancing glow and shadow bloom.

Chroma Blur

Vintage lens emulation

Fast screen space chromatic abberatino effects.

Realistic occlusion vignetting.

Edge blurring and bias controls to adjust just where the effect occurs.

Realtime preview for easy setup.