Realtime Sponza

DeGamma 0.60.00 Now Available!

Introducing in-viewport realtime stereoscopic display with all of our extreme lens modes. DeGamma 0.60.00 Makes working with VR, stereoscopic and lens distortion a breeze.

Realtime Stereoscopic Options

The all-new stereoscopic settings enhance this by adding Left/Right, Top/Bottom, Interlaced and Red/Cyan Anaglyph. This is generated directly both in view and in render. As a result this takes all the guesswork out of the equation with real-time feedback directly in your view.

New User Interface

At the same time the UI has been overhauled for a far more modern and intuitive workflow than before. Using standard naming conventions for all the standard projections and we’ve added a new projection Azimuth Equidistant for all you UN fans out there.

Fishy New Interface

The new interface for the Fishy Distorter component of DeGamma 0.60.00

DeGamma 0.60.00 is available right now and is compatible with Cinema 4D R15, R16, R17 and R18. Click here for more information!