Cinema 4D R19 Compatibility – Available Immediately!

I’m pleased to announce that both DeGamma and Storm Tracer are available for and compatible with Cinema 4D R19.

Cinema 4D R19 is the latest release of MAXON’s flagship Modeling and Rendering platform. The Third Party is proud to support this release immediately out of the gate.

DeGamma brings realtime complex camera projections to Cinema 4D’s OpenGL viewport and render engine including Stereoscopic display and fine tuned control with multiple projection types not available in Cinema natively. As well as a slew of creative and fine tunable photographic effects such as Bleach Bypass, Chromatic Aberration and Blur effects and complex Tone Mapping.

Storm Tracer offers rendering options for Particles, Splines and other non-renderable objects via Volumetric Placard (Sprite) Rendering. Offering effects from Smoke and Clouds through to Motion Graphics pixel art, even through to creeping vines and plants with it’s inbuilt L-System.

Free trials are available of both, you can find out more about DeGamma here, and Storm Tracer here.