An update on realtime DeGamma Lens DIstortion

So Fishy Distorter is one of the most popular components in the DeGamma suite. It’s become the most popular tool for VR and Lens Distortion in Cinema with good reason, but personally I’ve always found Lens distortion a bit of a pain, sure the final result looks great but you’re stabbing in the dark if you use anything but the gentlest of effects.

So with that in mind, the next version of DeGamma is going to solve this with realtime in viewport lens distortion, you’ll be able to do layout using lenses with extreme FOV’s way way easier than before. It’s all OGL so yes it requires a GPU with a little spark but not that much, this demo is on my three year old MacBook pro.

This is just a preview of what’s coming, The timeframe is simply – within the next week or two and “when it’s done” 😀