A brand new site!

I’m very pleased to introduce you all to the new Third Party Plugins website.

It’s been a long haul and it’s still ongoing as we add Documentation pages and more detailed information about our plugins to the site but I really hope that it will be all worthwhile for you guys, my loyal customers!

For a long time the old website functioned, but did not offer the kinds of features that we all wanted.  There were no update notifications, licensing became a horrible mess when a new version of Cinema 4D came out and we both had a beastly time dealing with support.

This new website will hopefully solve all of this and allow me to do some things that I couldn’t before to give everyone a much better experience.

The first big change is that my plugins will now offer you update notifications and I’m working on automatic updates for a future release.  All it will require is the initial install and after that you will be notified on startup as and when a new version is available to download with the option to download right away.

The next big change is that our licenses can now float between different copies of Cinema 4D.  All that’s required is for you to un-register your old license directly form within Cinema 4D and then re-register locally on your new copy or different version of Cinema 4D, or even on a totally different machine.

Additionally I am now able to offer my plugins at a substantial discount for lease with no contract, once you read how it works I hope you’ll agree that this is leasing done right. This means you can now have access to The Third Party plugins at unbelievably low prices just for the times when you actually need them, you’re not locked in to some silly and annoying 12 month contract that hides the real cost, you can have access for as short a time as a single week or forever if you wanted. It also means that I’ll be able to afford to spend more time updating and adding new features to these plugins which will of course be free for anyone with an active lease.

All in all I believe this is a very exciting change that I hope will lower the bar of entry and enable many more people to be able to have access to and create wonderful work with my plugins.

– Per-Anders Edwards